Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Lies of the Enemy, in a Poem

In my opinion, there is no greater evidence for the truth of the Bible in the world around us than the evidence of the spiritual war. As a believer, it's easy to see how human beings are continually led down paths to their own destruction when they buy the lies of the world and reject God's Word. Nearly two years ago, I read a disturbing news article about an abortion doctor in Philadelphia who made a practice of killing newborns with scissors and saving their body parts in jars. I began to meditate on evil, and try to understand how someone could do such horrible things. I had also recently read C.S. Lewis' "The Screwtape Letters," and had wondered just how much darker it would have been if the human subject had not been a believer. In the days following, I began composing the following poem, and after all this time, I finally feel satisfied enough to go public with it. I realize this is only scratching the surface of the litany of lies the Devil uses to bring us to our own destruction, but it should suffice to get the point across. Please don't mistake the voice of the "writer" as my own, as he boasts and mocks his victims. It pained me to write many of these lines, but I felt it necessary to approach authenticity. I pray it will disturb you in all the right ways.

(From the desk of The Great Deceiver)

I'll tell you the tricks of my trade, if you please,
The ones that have brought every man to his knees,
The tricks that have led to much death and despair,
As they grasp for some meaning and someone to care.

It began in a garden, a most glorious day,
When I asked of the woman, "Did He really say?"
The lie to this date my most clever of all,
For she took of the bait and Mankind took the fall.

Amazing the things you can do with that doubt,
So clueless they are on what life is about.
Just do what you feel like, follow your heart.
So desperately wicked, it was mine from the start.

So easy it is, yes, so easy my dear,
Just tell them whatever their ears want to hear.
Tell them there's nothing above or below,
Imagine that, John! Isn't that how it goes?

And Charles, old buddy, you're in my Hall of Fame.
You taught them that all living things are the same.
You didn't believe it would be such a crime,
But I guess it just kind of evolved over time.

You teach them they're animals, that's how they'll behave,
Just masses of tissue with no soul to save.
A fetus, like fingernails, tossed in the bin.
Don't worry, my lady. They grow back again.

Without any motive to do otherwise,
Their flesh will take over, and feed on these lies.
And then I sit back and just watch it unfold.
Oh, death and destruction, it never gets old!

I'm a master of language, I use it so well,
To slander His faithful, and lure you to hell.
Tolerance, progress, equality and choice,
American idols have such a sweet voice!

See, I've got the best marketing team in this town,
They'll sell you a compass that only points down.
You ask them for bread and they'll give you a stone,
Then laugh as you shrivel and die all alone.

An angel of light, how I come to deceive,
Ain't it funny the things that some people believe?
Oh the look on their faces, I wish I could see,
When they find out the one that they lived for was me!

The image of Him that I seek to destroy,
I'll bring you to judgment by the tricks I employ.
Beloved of your Maker, His favored design,
You have His affection. It should've been mine.

So if I've been fated to go down in flames,
I'm taking you with me, you'll share in the blame.
All mine by default, you're a part of my club.
Sincerely your friend, Beelzebub.